The cost of the LIVE CERTIFICATION COURSE is $3,800.00.

This live course certifies you in the Phibrows method of microblading, widely regarded as the highest quality certification in the industry. It is an intensive 2 day live event. Day 1 is divided between theory and practice on latex (fake skin). Day 2 involves practice on live models.

Every student gets to work on their own live model in the training. After the training you will receive a certificate of attendance, but to receive the actual PhiBrows certificate, and to be put on the world map on it will be required that you demonstrate your work and achieve the Phibrows standard.

Tuition for the Live Certification Course also includes the Craftmaster Online Application. To master the skill of making beautiful eyebrows with microblading and to receive your Phibrows certification, it will require that you complete all 11 levels in the application.

After attending the live 2 day event, you will continue to practice, utilizing the Craftmaster Application and we will continue to monitor your work and support you for an additional 6 months as you complete the requirements necessary to achieve your certification.

This amazing application, including over 10 hours of High Definition quality videos, over 300 photos and tutorials, plus our ongoing support will be a big part of developing your mastery and will ensure that you achieve the Phibrows standard of excellence and consequently, the highly respected Phibrows microblading certification.

What’s Included

Tuition includes the Craftmaster Online / Mobile Application and the Phibrows Professional Kit.

You receive access to the Craftmaster Application within 24 – 48 hours upon 1. final payment of your Live Certification Course and upon 2. signing and submitting your Registration Agreement.

You receive your Kit at your Live Course. (Under special circumstances only, the kit may be shipped ahead of time, but this would require full payment for the course and all requirements submitted, plus $20 for shipping)

The Kit contains:

8 pigments
2 of the Eccentric Tool
2 of the Classic Tool
2 Phibrows Tools
1 Golden Ratio Divider (to measure the brow)
90 blades
2 Pencils (to draw the brows on skin)
1 Tweezer
1 Scissor
3 pieces of Practice Skin.


Day 1

09:00am Registration and signing of the contracts between Master and each student.

10:00am Basic information about the course that would help the students to have the realistic expectation regarding the training and mastering the skill of microblading (duration of the course, support, obtaining the Certificate etc.).

10:15am Golden ratio and forming the shape of eyebrow on the paper.

10:45am Putting the blade in holder, opening the bottle with pigment, U blade, drawing the hair strokes, video material.

11:00am Drawing the hair strokes on latex skin.


02:00pm Continue moving through the various levels in Craft Master and drawing the eyebrows on latex skin.

03:00pm Review information for the clients, skin problems, appearance of the hair, pressure, pigments and the reasons for the loss of pigment in the skin, aftercare treatment, hygiene.

04:00pm Continue practice drawing eyebrows on latex skin.

04:45pm Q&A

05:00pm End of first day

Day 2

09:00am Positioning in levels according to the practice and works from the previous day.

10:00am Practice on live models (first group of students work on models while second group overlooks), drawing the shape, usage of PhiBrows application and measuring the symmetry, proper stretching of the skin, usage of anesthetic, filling the pigment and degree of pressure applied to the skin.


02:00pm Further practicing on live models (second group of students work on models and first group overlooks).

04:45pm Q&A

05:00pm Certificates of attendance to students